What can you find in the surrounding of our Guest house and Hostel

What can you find in the surrounding of our Guest house and Hostel

Visit some of the very interesting sights in nearby cities Kroměříž and Olomouc (sights enlisted in the List of UNESCO) after accommodating.

Worth visiting are also the towns Tovačov, Chropyně and the town of fashion – Prostějov.

KROMĚŘÍŽ - http://www.azz.cz


Kroměříž is a marvelous town only few kilometers away from our Guest house.


Visit a nearby complex of gardens and the unforgettable castle of Kroměříž, which was enlisted into the World Heritage List of UNESCO. You can visit the nearby town by bike, car or take a direct bus or train. The trips take only few minutes. For more information: http://www.azz.cz

Info web page of Kroměříž: http://www.mesto-kromeriz.cz/

OLOMOUC - http://www.olomouc-tourism.cz/index.asp?lng=cz&mpos=1&makt=2&cat=unesco&page=uvod


HOLY TRINITY COLUMN – A baroque column of honor with a chapel – enlisted by UNESCO. For more info please visit web page: http://www.olomouc-tourism.cz/index.asp?lng=cz&mpos=1&makt=2&cat=unesco&page=uvod

Info web page of Kroměříž: http://www.olomouc-tourism.cz/

KOJETÍN - http://www.kojetin.cz

Please visit the web pages of the town to get detailed information about the cultural life, history and historical monuments:

Did you visit the Bowling city – bowling, squash, darts, table football, gambling house only few steps distant from WESTERN STEAK HOUSE? Come to take a rest in WESTERN STEAK HOUSE after sporting, come to a non-smoker place and enjoy a nice lunch, trifle or tasty coffee with your friends or family.

Sport and recreation centres in Kojetín:

1. The house of the Sokol organization – gym.

2. The Sokol´s garden – an outdoor tennis court – two volleyball and three tennis ones with a running track, social facilities and a buffet. There is a training tennis wall built for public use.

3. Table tennis gaming house at Kuzníková Street; used by the table tennis team of TJ Sokol and the public.

4. Football stadium of TJ Slavoj Kojetín at the Závodí Street – grass pitch with an oval running track. There is a building with a dressing room, social facilities and tribunes for the spectators; you will find a buffet there too. Next to the stadium there is a cinder pitch used for training and as a reserve for the stadium.

5. Docks at the confluence of the Morava River and a mill-race.

6. Motor Cross Bike premises at Závodí Street – a track modified for training, used also for competitions, which take place is Kojetín.

7. Free swimming pool – summer swimming place with tree pools.

TOVAČOV - http://www.tovacov.cz/_tovacov/menu.phtml


Tovačov – a town situated nearby the confluence of the Morava River and Bečva River, where you can find lakes and floodplain forests. The town can be proud of its originally royal gothic water castle from the 14th century. For more info please visit:

PROSTĚJOV - http://www.mestopv.cz/
Prostějov is a town of fashion, a place where you can fill your shopping bags really full.


The theatre of Prostějov - http://www.divadlo.prostejov.cz/

CHROPYNĚ - http://www.muchropyne.cz/


Town Chropyně boasts of a renaissance castle, which is worth to see. You can visit Chropyně on foot or by bike. It is possible to visit the place also buy bus or train. The trip takes you only few minutes. For more info: http://www.muchropyne.cz/

PLUMLOV - http://www.plumlov.cz/

The castle of Plumlov was built in the second half of 13th century. For more info: www.plumlov.cz/

MIDDLE HANÁ - http://www.strednihana.cz

The micro region of Middle Haná is a hilly area with the Morava River as a blue thread passing through. This region is rich of history, lore, culture and also Jewish sights. It is a region of the king Ječnímek but also of a prominent European cubism artist – Emil Filla; a region of lakes, floodground forests and gold fields of crops. It is a region of Haná people – nice, smiling, hospitable people. Make a stop in this region when you are wandering, enjoy its own atmosphere. You will always be welcomed.

An association of micro region of Middle Haná involves 15 towns and villages. You will find them in the middle of Moravia, at the border of districts Přerov, Prostějov and Kroměříž. Micro region is a part of the tourist region Middle Moravia.

How to get to the region:
Region Middle Haná is easily reachable by train (from the real junction Přerov direction Chropyně, Kojetín) and also by the motor way from Prague (270 km) or Vienna (180 km).


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